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After waiting in a potentially very long line (go on a weekday or in the morning for the shortest waits, and be aware that this is an active church, so Sunday mornings are out), the interior of St. Vitus Cathedral is a treat for the eyes.

Looking toward St. Vitus’ altar


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Showing through Sept. 28 at the De Young Museum, San Francisco.  I HIGHLY recommend checking it out if you’re in the area!

adampaul-P1010919 by you.


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My wonderful wife-to-be Sarah quit her corporate job of 15 years in April of 2007, and made the difficult decision to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time jeweler.  Many classes and countless studio hours later, she is creating some beautiful pieces (granted I may be a little bit biased).

We’ve been working hard on the product photography side of things, a new genre of photography for me.  It’s completely different from the usual nature photography I do.  On the one had it’s easier because I have full control over the lighting, composition, etc.  On the other, it’s very much harder because any faults are entirely my own – nowhere to hide!

With that somewhat long-winded introduction, we are very pleased to introduce:

Ju-ju by Sarah, Custom Jewelry and Design

So check it out!

Sarah has a website, featuring photos of her designs (many already sold), as well as an online store, which has currently-available works.

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Wednesday, 2 April:

Today was a national holiday to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the Maldives War (which we in the US know more familiarly as the Falklands War), and the day started in a relaxed fashion, especially as little was open, so there was no hurry.

We decided to check out the nearby Jardin Botanico, a 8-block walk from our apartment.


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… And now for something completely different …

Click below for more street stencil photos


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PARK(ing) Day SF

Friday was PARK(ing) day in San Francisco, where folks convert parking spaces into actual mini-parks.  There were several dozen locations about town, and I decided to hop on my bicycle and visit the 7 nearest home.

It didn’t start well, with the park at Fulton & Masonic gone missing (odd, since it was sponsored by the SF Bicycle Coalition & FixMasonic.org), and the one on Cole & Beulah consisting only of a couple of potted plants in the street, and a garage sale on the sidewalk.

Lower Haight PARK

Down in the Lower Haight on Scott St., however,  two gentlemen had a nice little park set up, with a sisal(?) rug, plastic chairs, water and lemonade.  We chatted for a few, and I continued around Duboce Park and on to the park at Noe & Market.

Hula Hoop lessons at Noe & Market PARK

This was a fun park, with astroturf and a nice woman (Adriana?) giving hula hoop lessons.  Lets just say that I’m not a born hula hooper….

Library PARK at Market & Duboce

A left on Market and a few blocks down the supposed park at Market and Church was also gone missing but shortly after that at Market and Duboce, was the best of the parks I saw, a full-fledged library (with WiFi!).  I sat for a few and read some bicycling-related pamphlets and enjoyed sitting on turf as cars and trolleys rolled down Market St.

Hayes Valley PARK

Heading north now on Octavia I found the Hayes Valley park, smack in the middle of the business district.  Although it was a nice park, featuring little totem poles made by a local artist, the people running it were too busy talking to each other, and paid their guests little/no attention.

View from Alamo Square Park

I found myself wishing I’d printed out a bigger list of the parks, since many were downtown and it was a short ride away, but I didn’t, so I slogged up the Hayes St. hill, stopped for a moment at Alamo Square to admire the view, and rode home.

PARK(ing) Day is a fantastic idea, and I’m glad it’s catching on in other cities.  Next year I will be more organized and try to visit as many as possible.

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