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My wonderful wife-to-be Sarah quit her corporate job of 15 years in April of 2007, and made the difficult decision to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time jeweler.  Many classes and countless studio hours later, she is creating some beautiful pieces (granted I may be a little bit biased).

We’ve been working hard on the product photography side of things, a new genre of photography for me.  It’s completely different from the usual nature photography I do.  On the one had it’s easier because I have full control over the lighting, composition, etc.  On the other, it’s very much harder because any faults are entirely my own – nowhere to hide!

With that somewhat long-winded introduction, we are very pleased to introduce:

Ju-ju by Sarah, Custom Jewelry and Design

So check it out!

Sarah has a website, featuring photos of her designs (many already sold), as well as an online store, which has currently-available works.

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