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To Chicago!

It’ll be quiet here until next week, as Sarah & I are taking off for a mini-vacation to visit a friend of hers in Chicago.  I’ve never been there, and am looking forward to seeing the sights, and as usual, eating the eats.


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PARK(ing) Day SF

Friday was PARK(ing) day in San Francisco, where folks convert parking spaces into actual mini-parks.  There were several dozen locations about town, and I decided to hop on my bicycle and visit the 7 nearest home.

It didn’t start well, with the park at Fulton & Masonic gone missing (odd, since it was sponsored by the SF Bicycle Coalition & FixMasonic.org), and the one on Cole & Beulah consisting only of a couple of potted plants in the street, and a garage sale on the sidewalk.

Lower Haight PARK

Down in the Lower Haight on Scott St., however,  two gentlemen had a nice little park set up, with a sisal(?) rug, plastic chairs, water and lemonade.  We chatted for a few, and I continued around Duboce Park and on to the park at Noe & Market.

Hula Hoop lessons at Noe & Market PARK

This was a fun park, with astroturf and a nice woman (Adriana?) giving hula hoop lessons.  Lets just say that I’m not a born hula hooper….

Library PARK at Market & Duboce

A left on Market and a few blocks down the supposed park at Market and Church was also gone missing but shortly after that at Market and Duboce, was the best of the parks I saw, a full-fledged library (with WiFi!).  I sat for a few and read some bicycling-related pamphlets and enjoyed sitting on turf as cars and trolleys rolled down Market St.

Hayes Valley PARK

Heading north now on Octavia I found the Hayes Valley park, smack in the middle of the business district.  Although it was a nice park, featuring little totem poles made by a local artist, the people running it were too busy talking to each other, and paid their guests little/no attention.

View from Alamo Square Park

I found myself wishing I’d printed out a bigger list of the parks, since many were downtown and it was a short ride away, but I didn’t, so I slogged up the Hayes St. hill, stopped for a moment at Alamo Square to admire the view, and rode home.

PARK(ing) Day is a fantastic idea, and I’m glad it’s catching on in other cities.  Next year I will be more organized and try to visit as many as possible.

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Argh! Thunderbird vs. RSS feeds

No, I haven’t been ignoring my blog-friends for the past week – Mozilla Thunderbird, the email & RSS reader I use, decided without warning or error to completely lose all of my RSS feeds early last week.

I only noticed after a couple of days of no new posts from anyone, which seemed wrong as several of the blogs I read typically have 10+ posts per day.  Subsequently going to my subscriptions preferences showed the framework data for each of my subscriptions (name, folder, etc), but not the URL.  Adding a new feed produced no errors, but also produced no new feed.

A quick google search found this to be a known bug with no fix as yet.  As a workaround, I installed the Forumzilla extension, which allowed me to re-enter all of my feeds (rather a pain as I have nearly 100 of them!), and as a bonus, allows one to export the feed list as an OPML list so it can be backed up and/or imported into another RSS client.

I’ll try to catch up with y’all’s blogs soon.l

Anyone know of a good, free, RSS reader other than Thunderbird?  Google reader seems too basic to manage a reasonable # of feeds, and I think I prefer a standalone application for reading feeds, as opposed to a web-based one.

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Happy 100k, Subie!

I know, it’s silly, but …


Today, coming home from running some errands around town, my mostly-trusty little ’02 Subaru Outback Sport rolled 100,000 miles – yay! I picked it up, all shiny and new, on April 1st 2001, and it’s taken me all over California and into Nevada and Oregon. As the photo below, taken in July ’01 shows, it has even actually seen a small modicum of light off-roading.


It hasn’t been without its warts, with a creaky driver’s-side window motor, a broken drive belt, a recent left-front axle replacement, and several sets of brake rotors & pads. It currently chirps cheerfully when idling, which I choose to think of as a bird calling until I get around to getting it fixed, and the right-front axle is now making the same noise the left one did before it was replaced.

Still, those issues, and the poor fuel economy caused by it being full-time all-wheel-drive (I average around 23mpg in mostly city driving) aside, it’s served me well for the past 6 1/2 years, and hopefully will continue to do so for quite some time to come!

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Off camping

I won’t be posting anything for the next few days, as tomorrow Sarah & I are off for 4 days of car camping at Wright’s Lake (a bit west of Lake Tahoe, but fortunately not near where that awful fire was last week!).

Should be a fun trip, my first visit to this well-regarded lake, as well as my first time to the Sierras this spring.  At 7000′, I expect the birds and wildflowers should be pretty fine, and since we’re going with our excellent naturalist friends Deb & Terry, most of them should even be identifiable (well, the birds anyways).

And no, I’m not avoiding the 8 Random Facts tag, Montucky – I’ll post to that next week 🙂

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